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Spotify has to be the one of the greatest music streaming apps in the whole world, which offers the largest music libraries and huge amount of features to any user. Do you get by using the free version or is paying the premium version is right for you? Or should you try any alternatives?

Spotify Pros:

Spotify offers a big range of features:

  • A library of 35 million music tracks
  • Streaming without limits
  • All mobile and desktop platforms compatible
  • Amazing social networking tools
  • Great paid and free plans to choose from
  • Offline listening
  • Premium plan for 30-day free trial
  • User-friendly interface

Spotify Cons:

Few downsides to Spotify:

  • Popup ads on the free version
  • A limit of 6 months on unlimited streaming on the free plan
  • Impossible purchase DRM-free music directly in the US
  • Just the European version has the radio facility
  • Regular version doesn’t have an offline mode
  • Invite-only free trials only in the US

Spotify Free Version Benefits:

In the event that you don’t need the issue and cost of a membership consistently, the free form is perfect. Despite everything you get the chance to stream from more than 35 million tracks, if just for a half year. The ads are not very continuous or bothering and, while you don’t get offline mode, you can at present tune in to anything you desire on a Wi-Fi or cellular. This is why you may think about alternative.

How to install Spotify Alternative ?

Install Apps4iPhone Application here:

  1. Click on “Download App”
  2. Click on “Install on your device”
  3. Launch the App from your HomeScreen
  4. Select the second tab from the bottom menu
  5. Select “Spotify Alternative” from the list of Apps
  6. Click on it and click “Install”
  7. Now, you can find it on your homescreen
  8. if it says: untrusted developer: go into Settings-General-Profiles and Device management – select this app and click trust! Enjoy!

Final Conclusion:

On the off chance that the advertisements don’t trouble you and you would prefer not to pay, pick the free version; the advantages are still high. Be that as it may, in the event that you need more, on the off chance that you wish to the boundless spilling, no promotions, disconnected mode, you need the premium or use the alternative we suggest, but there are others available in the AppStore.

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