Tweaked app stores for iOS 14.4 2021

Tweaked App Stores are alternatives to the official AppStore for iPhone. They include tweaked apps, apps++, jailbreak apps, etc. At the same time, you do not need a Jailbreak or Apple ID – they do not require any data from you and is an absolutely safe application for an iOS device. These include:

  1. Apps4iPhone
  2. Tutuapp
  3. TweakBox
  4. CokernutX
  5. AppValley
  6. Tutubox
  7. Panda Helper
  8. iPaBox


TutuApp is an alternative app store from the Aptoide line that allows you to download a ton of apps of all types, from the latest games to messaging apps and alarm clocks. All you need to do is use the search bar and you will find whatever you want. With this app, downloading and installing the app only takes a few taps. The workflow for both is very similar to that of the App Store, as we can find all apps well categorized or simply do a manual search if we know exactly what we are looking for. Due to its Chinese origin, many users simply do not trust this tool and wonder if it is safe. It seems so, and its popularity has led to a move to other platforms such as Android and Windows PCs, albeit in beta only.


Each application in the TweakBox store is first constantly tested for stability by the developers themselves, and then beta tested by experienced users of the official community (Reddit). The official page (Twitter) is the fastest way to find out about fraudulent and broken apps. No jailbreak required means anyone can use the TweakBox app without having to go through the complicated process of Jailbreak on iPhone or Root on Android. Both of these options will void your device’s warranty.


Apps4iPhone offers a wide variety of apps and games, as well as jailbreak tweaks. It is the best Tweakbox alternative with thousands of apps and games to choose from. Do you miss your favorite programs, games or settings? Then you are in the right place! Apps4iPhone is completely free and you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad. It is easy to use with a simple and user-friendly interface and search function, making it very easy to find apps and games. It is a useful free and safe utility for iOS mobile devices.


AppValley is a new application for iOS and Android that allows you to download programs and games to your smartphone. A distinctive feature of this application is the absence of any payment when downloading a game or program, unlike the official Google Play or App Store.

By downloading AppValley for iOS, you will get access to many applications and games on your smartphone (iPhone) or tablet. Many of these games are only available on Google Play and the App Store and are paid for. But in the Ap Valey application you do not pay a dime for them – all available programs, games and utilities are absolutely free!


This third-party App Store, similar to most other relative platforms out there on iOS, utilizes enterprise certificates to install tweaked apps and hacked games on your iPhone/iPad. However, you might be wondering that third-party apps installed via enterprise certificates are easily revocable. You are right but TutuBox allows you to prevent revocations via a WiFi proxy.

Panda Helper

Panda Helper is one of the most popular third party app stores with thousands of modified and modified apps and games, Cydia tweaks and many other unofficial materials. Originally released as a jailbreak alternative to Cydia, it is now used by millions around the world as an alternative to the official iOS app store. Since the developers of Panda Helper use expired business certificates in the application, you can expect them to be revoked by Apple and the application will crash. While it is common for developers to fix a certificate before it can be revoked, it is not always fast enough. To avoid this, use the revocation protection instructions above, install a recommended VPN, or install an revocation protection app.


What is CokernutX? CokernutX is the newest unofficial app installer that offers over 5000 apps and games, many of which have been modified with cool new features. Is the CokernutX installer free? Yes. You can download CokernutX completely free of charge and there will be no hidden fees. Is it safe to use CokerNutX? Yes, CokerNutX is completely safe. Works as an alternative store in the style of the already historic Cydia, which, unlike the App Store, does not ask for an Apple account from a specific country to work properly. Any application or game in this store can be installed by simply touching the desired icon, without geographic restrictions, password requests or payments.


iPABox offers users with thousands of paid apps and games for free. It is beneficial for your online gaming needs. The online interface is intended for all Apple users. The iPABox app also gives you a massive library of mods and emulators. The apps that don’t make it to the App store are available here. You can find free movie and TV show streaming services as well. We recommend our readers to try this software once.

All in all, there is a big variety of alternative app stores and you are the one to choose to use some or all of them. By the way, Apps4iPhone can be installed from this website and you can instantly browse the store.